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Typically in the past we only talked to workers about politics and legislation every two or four years when we were asking workers to vote for a particular candidate. In between elections, we haven't always kept workers up to date on current legislative issues effecting them nor have we explained how Congress effects their lives.

Rapid Response has changed all that. We do not focus so intensely on who is in office, we place our emphasis on how they vote on worker issues. Republican or democratic is not the issue. We use Rapid Response as a method of educating members on the issues, how they affect us and what they can do to help.



From time to time we will ask you to email, write or phone our representatives about the issues. Below are links to our legislators for Virginia and North Carolina.


Federal Senator Jim Webb senator@webb.senate.gov
Senator Mark Warner senator@warner.senate.gov
Congressman Robert Hurt Robert.Hurt@mta.hilltopcms.gov
President Donald Trump president@whitehouse.gov
Vice President Mike Pence vice.president@whitehouse.gov
State Senator Ralph Smith district19@senate.virginia.gov
Senator Bill Stanley district20@senate.virginia.gov
Delegate Danny Marshall delDmarshall@house.state.va.us
Delegate Ward Armstrong delWArmstrong@house.state.va.us
Delegate Donald Merricks delDMerricks@house.state.va.us
Delegate Clarke Hogan delCHogan@house.state.va.us
Delegate Kathy J. Byron delKByron@house.state.va.us

Federal Senator Kay Hagan senator@Hagan.senate.gov
Senator Richard Burr senator@burr.senate.gov
Congressman Brad Miller rep.miller@mail.house.gov
President Donald Trump president@whitehouse.gov
Vice President Mike Pence vice.president@whitehouse.gov

If you do not know your representatives, click on the link. It will provide you with the assistance necessary to contact your United States House Representative. If you would like to register to vote online, click the "Register & Vote" button.
Write Your Representative! Register & Vote!

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