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United Steelworkers Local 831 was founded in 1966 as United Rubber Workers (URW) Local 831. The local union orginated for workers of the Goodyear-Danville Tire plant. The Danville plant is the largest producer of Medium Radial Truck and Aero tires in the world. In 2000 the URW merged with the USW. Our local union is a part of District 8 of the USW. We are affliated with the Virginia AFL-CIO and the Roanoke Central Labor Council.


*Bylaws * Contracting Out * COPE * Education & Publicity * Human Rights * Picnic * Safety *
*Skilled Trades * Time Study * Membership Development & Organizing * Negotiating * Women of Steel *

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By-Laws Committee

Committee meets at least once per quarter and gives prompt attention to any proposed changes, additions or updates to the local union by-laws or standing rules which have been referred to this committee in accordance with the provisions within these by-laws.

Members are Monica Mabin.
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Human & Civil Rights Committee

The committee's purpose is to implement our union's commitment to the protection and extension of human and civil rights and liberties.

The Chairman of the Human & Civil Rights Committee is Darrell Davis. Janet Gwynn serves as the Secretary. Members are Byron Martin, James Robertson & Nannie Woody.
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Contracting Out
Committee reviews maintenance items dealing with outside contractors as applied within the maintenance bargaining agreement.

The Chairman of the Contracting Out Committee is Maintenance Division Chairman Scott Wallace and Mary Ann Davis
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COPE Committee
Committee assists in the promotion, enactment and education of legislative issues favorable to and endorsed by labor. The committee will also assist members and their families with voter registration. It is also responsible for implementing and managing the local unions "Rapid Response" program.

The Chairman of the COPE Committee is Mark Powers. Delta Williams serves as committee secretary. Members are Richard Austin III, Courtney Dixon, Stuart Lovelace, Darryle Logan & Rhonda Walker.
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Education and Publicity Committee
Committee shall promote a broad educational program and encourage members to participate. Their primary responsibility is to gather information for the purpose of preparing the "Informer" and forwarding information to the International Union.

The Managing Editor is Danny Barber. The other members are Butch Robinson, Mike Fox
and Janet Gwynn. Anyone having information for the Informer can email a committee member or call (336) 388-5537 ext. 120.
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Picnic Committee
Committee's duties include setting date, organizing games, entertainment, door prizes and food preparation for the local union's annual picnic.

The Chairman of the Picnic Committee is Scott Davis. Chrystal Bailey serves as the committee secretary. Other members are Gary Campbell, B J Moore, Barry McCubbins, Pam Wright, Erwin Motley, Brenda Miles, Ethel Johnson, Harry Brooks & Larry Hook
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Safety Committee
The safety committee facilitates the promotion of safe working practices and the elimination of unsanitary or unhealthy working conditions within the plant. Other responsibilities include investigating accidents, accompanying OSHA inspectors on tours and attending annual safety seminars.

The Chairman of the Safety Committee is Dennis Saunders. Dennis can be reached by pager at (434) 791-7071.
Other committee members are Kathy Crawley (pager# 797-6981)
and Winfred Tate (pager# 773-6506).

Anyone having information for the Safety Committee or needing the assistance of the committee can call the Safety Committee office within the plant at (434) 791-9376. That is ext. 376 inside the plant.
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Skilled Trades Committee
Discuss items of interest to the maintenance department and make recommendation to the negotiating committee.

The Chairman of the Skilled Trades Committee is Barry Bridgen.
Members are Mary Anne Davis, Brian Shore, Bob Gardner, Mark Powers and Scott Wallace.
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Time Study Engineers
Time study engineers shall study job descriptions to ensure work loads are fair and equitable and to re-examine piece work rates that are implemented by the company.

The Time Study Engineers for Local 831 are:
Johnny Scott
Jimmy Davis
Jimmy Newcomb
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Membership Development & Organizing Committee
Committee shall encourage and assist in organizing the unorganized in the plant who are eligible for membership in our local union. Duties my also include organizing outside the plant.

The Chairman of the Membership Development & Organizing Committee is Monica Mabin and Carolyn Coles serves as the Co-Chair. Members are Pedro Jaimes, Shirley Nunnally, and Henry Stowe.
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Negotiating Committee
Committee is made of the President, Vice-President, Policy Committee member and four Division Chairmen. Their function is to negotiate all contracts and agreements and submit them to Membership. Committee makes final disposition, adjustments and recommendations on all signed grievances.

The committee members by virtue of office are:

President Danny Barber(336) 388-5537 ext. 111
Vice President Jeff Dixon (336) 388-5537 ext. 117
Division I Chairman Pete Morton (336) 388-5537 ext. 116
Division II Chairman Paul Eastridge (336) 388-5537 ext. 114
Division III Chairman Marvin Moore (336) 388-5537 ext. 122
Division IV Chairman Bob Gardner (336) 388-5537 ext. 119
Policy Member Gloria Gravely (336) 388-5537 ext. 112
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Women of Steel
Promote working women's interest within the United Steelworkers of America. Committee also discusses and educates our female steelworkers about issues dealing with women in the workplace.

The Chair of the Women of Steel Committee is Lisa Spicer.
The Co-Chair is Pamela Wright and Secretary Cathy Fuquay. Other members are Brenda Miles, Monica Mabin, Linda Carter and Carolyn Brooks.
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Plant Training Committee
Committee will review training needs, processes and evaluate future training requirements relating to the Danville plant.

The Chairman of the Plant Training Committee is Tommy Lunsford.
The other members are Carolyn Brooks and Clint Waller.
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